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Sat, Feb 10


Zen House

Qigong Workshop with Teacher Nancy Dougherty, RMT, Medical Qigong Practitioner

Transformational 8-week workshop: learn a series of exercises, healing sounds, meditations, breathing, gentle stretching, and mental focus you can practice daily for vitality. Learn to direct the flow of Qi within and around your body, strengthening and toning your life-force energy.

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Qigong Workshop with Teacher Nancy Dougherty, RMT, Medical Qigong Practitioner
Qigong Workshop with Teacher Nancy Dougherty, RMT, Medical Qigong Practitioner

Time & Location

Feb 10, 2024, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Zen House, 6150 Valley Way suite 101, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 1X9, Canada

About the event

Every Saturday in January and February of 2024 at 11am. (8 weeks)

Classes are 90 minutes.

We build on our routine week-to-week, so there are no stand-alone classes.

DaoYin (Guiding and Pulling) exercises have been part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to promote health, prevent disease and treat illness. The exercises are soft and gentle, not strenuous, can be performed standing or sitting, and develop the control of rhythm & temperament. 

When we practice breathing, gentle stretching & twisting and mental focus together, we can learn to feel & direct the flow of Qi within and around our bodies, thereby strengthening and toning our life-force energy.

General outline:

  • General anatomy and physiology of the channels/meridians and related organs
  • How these exercises purge, tonify and regulate the organs and channels
  • Expectations and precautions
  • 18 rules of posture
  • Standing Meditation
  • 1-10 Meditation and 3 Invocations for rooting into the earth, connecting with the heavens (celestial bodies), and creating a protective, sacred space for practice
  • Various purgation exercises
  • 5 Yang Organ Exercises regulate the digestive system
  • 5 Yin Organ Exercises to regulate the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, spleen
  • Healing sounds for purging stagnant emotional energies
  • How to gather and store cultivated Qi

The routine you’ll learn is a balanced, dynamic and static, yin and yang regulating practice that is ideally performed every day, taking less than an hour to perform.

A daily Qigong practice can help you maintain good health and stabilize your mood. It prepares you for your daily activities by warming up your body, calming your emotions and focusing your mind, leaving you feeling grounded and present for the start of your day.

It is an invaluable tool for self-regulation and stress reduction if you work in a helping profession.  (Therapists, Nurses, Social Workers, Teachers)

For sporty or active people, including martial artists, Qigong can help you avoid injury, regain focus, refine your posture and increase power.

If you do any sort of energetic or spiritual work, Qigong can help you remain clear and protected from external energetic influences, and enhance your sensory and intuitive perception.

This workshop is being offered in the winter because this is often a time when people feel depleted, lonely, fatigued and depressed. With the absence of the sun’s warm and activating Yang Qi in winter, we can cultivate our own heat and Yang Qi through the practice of Qigong.

Every Saturday in January and February of 2024 at 11am. (8 weeks)

Classes are 90 minutes.


Don’t delay! Register today.

Registration closes December 20, 2023.


The link for registration is this:


About the Teacher

Nancy Dougherty has maintained a clinical practice since 2005 as a manual therapist (RMT) in Massage, Craniosacral Therapy/Visceral Manipulation and Chinese Energetic Medicine/Medical Qigong Therapy.  She has learned and practiced meditation from teachers in the traditions of Soto Zen Buddhism and Daoist Internal Alchemy consistently since 2011.

Nancy sought training and began teaching Mindfulness in 2017 as a response to the needs of her patients. Safety, efficacy, inclusivity and ethics form the foundation of everything she teaches.

Mindful awareness is an integral part of patient care, and her Foundations of Mindfulness workshops have helped enrich the lives of many new and experienced meditators. It is a body-based and accessible path to healing, compassion, understanding, wisdom and inner peace.  Since 2019, Nancy has been studying and practicing Daoist Inner Alchemy and Medical Qigong as a closed-door student with Dr. William Welch Jr. D.T.C.M., D.M.Q. (China), a senior disciple of renowned Professor Jerry Alan Johnson. Ph.D., D.T.C.M. (China). Qigong (energy+skill) is a practice of Qi cultivation and skillful/wise use of Qi. Qigong involves the use of gentle and soft, static and dynamic techniques to feel, guide and pull Qi. Training the posture, breath and heart/mind helps to strengthen & tonify life-force energy to maintain health and vitality.  Nancy accepts patients for private sessions at her clinic in Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and conducts workshops as her schedule permits. Contact:

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