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Want to Teach at
Zen House?

Zen House Yoga Studio is an Independent Yoga Teaching Collective. If you are interested in teaching here, click the button below to get the details. 

"Being able to run my classes and utilize the beautiful studio space at Zen House has been invaluable. It has allowed me to create something of my own, something I started as a side project and nurture it naturally without the additional financial pressures + constraints of traditional space rental. This has been so key especially over the course of the pandemic + numerous maternity leaves. Working collaboratively with Zen House has allowed me to sustain + grow a professional business of my own.


Having Zen House help promote my classes by support and sharing on social media has been wonderful. It has helped spread the word to the yoga community and has been an additional asset of our relationship. The website teacher bio + link has provided another great resource to my participants.


 Zen House Yoga Studio is a truly beautiful, bright, large modern space. It promotes a feeling of relaxation by its very nature and has been a wonderful space to run Yoga + Barre classes in addition to photoshoots and wellness workshops. Convenient location, free parking, it really is a great spot. Guests love coming to Zen House and I feel like it is my own when I utilize it.


Zen House has allowed me to foster a community of my own while also feeling connected to all the other members/instructors of the Zen Collective. I feel so grateful to have the continued opportunity to work, learn, move and grow my business at Zen House."

Andrea, Mama Bear Wellness

Andrea Mama Bear_edited.jpg

"I LOVE Zen House as a place to call home and run my business. After many years in the yoga industry, I appreciated the opportunity to build my own clientele and be able to make more money! After you pay the very reasonable monthly fee, depending on the amount of classes you teach, everything you take home is yours! It is a risk, but one that can pay off really well. 


The studio is great at helping you promote your classes and workshops. Anything you post about what you have to offer at the studio gets shared on the Zen House Yoga account, either in the feed or the stories. 


Zen House is one of the best-kept secrets, and it shouldn't be! It is easy access off the hwy in Niagara Falls, and as soon as you open the door to the studio, the space feels light, and calm. I love the energy at the studio and my clients always comment how beautiful it is. 


I really feel like when I use the studio, it's my own, rather than having to be or teach what someone else expects of me. It allows me to create deeper and more authentic relationships with my students and clients." 

Ashley Overholt, RYT 500

Ashley Overholt_edited.jpg

"Zen House Yoga Studio is the ideal place to rent for a growing entrepreneur who is ready to fully show up for their business! Unlike many other studios, I love that Zen House has an hourly rate that gives me the flexibility to comfortably choose the length of my events and the freedom to make a proper income from the events as well.

I have always felt greatly supported by Mel and everything she does to make sure that the Zen House community knows about my events through social media posts, and that the studio is cleaned and prepped for everything I might need based on the event or class I am hosting.

My clients are always pleasantly surprised that such a beautiful and welcoming space exists in the building and I love how at home I feel in it, like it's my very own studio space that I get to use to its fullest potential! Every time I've rented the space, it has been a very smooth experience and it's exciting to know that the other two gorgeous properties of Zen on the Lake and Zen on the River are available as well should I ever require them for retreats or larger, overnight workshops!


I love renting space from the Zen Collective and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend all properties to anyone and everyone for business and private events that will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime!"

Emily Moran

emily moran_edited.jpg
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