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Welcome to
Zen House

A Yoga Teaching Collective


 6150 Valley Way suite 101, Niagara Falls, ON

Hi, I'm Melanie!

I founded The Zen Collective with a deep desire to share the amazing benefits that Yoga and Energy Healing has had on me.


I want that for you!

I teach here and I share the space with other gifted teachers and practitioners.

I practice here too, because the space is serene, the energy is very grounding, and the people here are the friendliest. 

Zen House was my favourite studio long before I was the steward of it.

I am both so proud and so humbled by what is being created here.


If you're looking to feel more ease in your body, mind, spirit... really in your nervous system... in your life,

then join me here.

Zen House is your home too.


Melanie,  RYT200

Diane 4_edited.jpg

Diane, RYT200


Maria, RYT200

Meet the Teachers

Our Vision

Zen House is an intimate, unpretentious, peaceful studio space run as a collective. Which means, we don't sell memberships.

Our philosophy is take only what you need, use what you have and share what you can…so naturally that extends to our yoga.


If you are into attending yoga as much as you can, when you can, and only paying for what you use, Zen House has wonderful options for you.


This way - together - we will continue to spread more Zen into our community. 

Want to Teach at Zen House?


Zen House Yoga Studio is an Independent Yoga Teaching Collective. Interested in teaching here, or have a workshop you want to present?

We would love to share the details with you.


Click the button below to get in touch with us.

Want to Teach at Zen House?

The studio is such a great place! It’s close to the highway and has lots of parking! Starting my summer with yoga mornings was just what I needed to stretch, relax and focus on the day ahead.  I truly recommend doing yoga here!


"Zen House Yoga Studio has made me feel like a whole new person. The classes and instructors are amazing! Whether it's a beginner class or an expert, you will truly feel 100% better than when you first walked in."


"When I enter Zen House Yoga I am usually a frazzled mess! When I leave I am calm, strong and ready to take on the world."


Be the first to know about Zen House workshops, new classes, and more! 

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